Teaching preparation, precision and procedures to enhance football performance.


At Presnap Training Academy, your child will learn:


Preparation: Improved form, stance, balance and footwork,  injury prevention, and speed and agility training.


Precision: Sports intelligence through football philosophies; classroom training and participation; film studies, and offensive and defensive position reads.


Procedures: Football techniques, proper ball-handling skills, advanced drills and individual skills by position.

Performance: After a session at PRESNAP Training Academy, your child will be able to demonstrate increased football intelligence and  advanced techniques on the filed, resulting in a more technically sound and confident football player.


PRESNAP Training Academy Spring and Summer Sessions:


• Spring (Begins March 31st, 2015): Strength, Conditioning, Speed and Agility Training


• Summer (May 2015- 1st week of August 2015)


• 1 on 1 Elite Training: Contact Mark Smith for details (


Visit the Programs page (Spring, Summer) to sign up for PRESNAP Training Academy sessions!

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PRESNAP Training Academy, LLC is a proud supporter of the "Americans with Disabilities Act" and those interested in gaining  knowledge and participation in athletics. Upon request PRESNAP offers special accommodations to disabled/impaired athletes and youth football players. Request for these services are available upon request. *All PRESNAP Trainers have a non -compete contract clause and all training must be approved by PRESNAP's authorized personnel only!

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